Wood is a material that has been extensively used for framing, insulating, and finishing homes since ancient times due to its unique characteristics.

Lumber products have various advantages apart from being lightweight and sturdy. In addition, lumber is a natural material that’s easy to work upon and available in a variety of patterns.

Another key benefit is that wooden houses are less expensive to build and extend low maintenance costs over a long period of time. Wood is a bad conductor of electric waves and provides relatively low heat conductivity compared to materials such as steel, marble, aluminum, or glass.

In this write-up, we will highlight the specific purposes of each type of wood that is used in home construction:

Numerous types of lumber are used in construction due to their properties, including texture, hardness, and color. Lumber can be broadly divided into two categories as softwood and hardwood.

  •  Softwood are stronger and more durable; however, they are less dense than hardwoods. Softwoods come from coniferous trees and have faster growth comparatively. They are easy to cut down and are less expensive. Here are a few types of softwoods that are mentioned below:
  1. Pine Wood is soft, white, and light-yellow wood and usually popular for its versatility and affordability. Pinewood is extensively used to make residential frames, doors, windows, and furniture. It is easy to cut and carve and has a high nail acceptance.
  2. Fir Wood is commonly known for its strength, and performance. Constructing doors, windows, furniture, veneer, and interior trim is useful. It is perfect for resisting corrosion and gradual wear as well. In addition, fir wood has stiffness and firmness that allow it to use for flooring.
  3. Cedar Wood is famous for its aroma and for repelling insects and moths from it. This wood also has large, air-filled cell cavities, making it a great heat insulator. Generally, it is used for lining drawers, chests, boxes, and storage closets.
  4. Spruce Wood Like other softwood, it has a quality of durability and low resistance to decay. It also has elastic and lightweight properties that make it inexpensive. You can use this type of wood for masts and spars of ships, aircraft, crates, boxes, cladding, ladders, and many more.
  5. Hemlock Wood is premium quality wood used in the construction of lumber, doors, boards, planks, feature walls, and crates. Hemlock wood is strong and wears resistant that’s why homeowners preferred this flooring and stairs. It is useful for both indoor and outdoor projects, and it has the extreme quality to hold paint and prevent pests due to its natural smells. Hemlock wood products are less prone to cracking and can provide you with a longer life span.
  • Hardwood Hardwood is a type of wood that is way denser than softwood. These woods are obtained from deciduous trees with broad leaves, produce fruits, and are inactive in the winter. Keep on reading to know hardwood types for home construction:
  1. Teak Wood Teak wood trees take longer to grow and are extremely heavy, durable, and weather resistant. Aside from this, teak does not burn easily, and its natural oils prevent it from termites. You can use teak wood for wooden framed homes, partitions, doors, and outdoor furniture like garden chairs.
  2. Oak Wood is the most common species and is known for its strength. This is an excellent choice for furniture, flooring, and cabinets as it has fungal-resistant quality. You can use oak wood for outdoor furniture and veneer production.
  3. Maple Wood is an incredibly strong wood type that is used in most house construction work, like console tables, bedside tables, and wall shelves. This wood type is popular for its eco-friendly quality, which is highly durable and easy to clean.
  4. Mahogany Wood doesn’t warp, swell, or shrink and is easy to carve. It is majorly used in window frames and other furniture. It has a highly attractive color and gives your home a classic appearance.
  5. Cherry Wood is fancied by many homeowners due to its beauty, workability, and affordability. It works well for decorative carving and solid furniture like cabinets, tables, and shelves.
Wood frames and furnishings add timeless beauty to your home and are available in a variety of varieties for use in the buildings. Dinaso Building Supply will assist you if you need to contact a reputable firm for lumber items. They have a large inventory of framing lumber, wood beams, and other materials that have been treated with preservatives to prevent rot and insect damage. They guarantee commercial-grade quality and on-site deliveries for a variety of applications! Call 718-412-9927 to order pressure-tested lumber for your home project.
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